Introducing Bl-Awesome!™
Hair and Headwear Accessories

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the USA!

Made of High-Quality Washable Performance Fabrics!
Designs for Females of All Ages!
Perfect for All Hair Types!
Available in Seasonal & Fashion Colors!

The Bl-Awesome!™ line of hair and headwear accessories is designed and developed as the ultimate in fashionable, feminine and functional products for females of all ages. Our line is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA using high-quality, washable performance fabrics. Most notably known for our patented single-twist, scrunchie hair tie solution that provides beauty through a feminine ‘blossom-like’ appearance with the security of a firm hold, our line of products is perfect for all hair types and is available in seasonal and fashion colors.

Our versatile adult Bl-Awesome! Bands™ go with ease from casual and athletically demanding environments to dressy and elegant settings!

Our ‘Patent Pending’ Band-Chi™ DELIVERS STYLING OPTIONS AND VALUE LIKE NO OTHER HAIR ACCESSORY ON THE MARKET with its unique 12-in-1 design. We are sure that you will enjoy The Band-Chi™ in all of our versatile prints and fabrics and that you will agree that they make the perfect gift!

From newborns, wearing the Baby Bl-Awesome! Band™ home from the hospital, to little girls bonding with their Moms during first “Mommy and Me” hair styling lessons, our soft youth products deliver unique levels of quality, versatility, and enduring value.

The Bl-Awesome! Cap™ is truly the female version of the ever-popular baseball cap with an added ‘twist’ that takes it from a beautiful and sporty headwear option to a functional necessity during sports where wind and weather can be a challenge. Our lightweight, comfortable and stylish men’s Bl-Awesome! Cap™ makes a great statement alone or when worn next to our female Bl-Awesome! Cap™!

No matter the age, activity level or lifestyle, you are certain to find products within our Bl-Awesome!™ line that feel as if they were created especially for you and your particular styling needs.

The Bl-Awesome Collection

The Bl-Awesome! Band Collection

The Bl-Awesome! Band Collection

The Baby Bl-Awesome! Collection

The Baby Bl-Awesome! Collection

Mommy & Me Collection

The I Love America Collection

The Band-Chi Collection

The Bl-Awesome! Cap Collection

The Bl-Awesome! Cap Collection

His & Hers Bl-Awesome! Collection

His & Her Bl-Awesome! Collection

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